About Horse Weeks Seafood

Scan00035 Generations of quality born from the vision of one man, R.H. Weeks.  After years of working himself to the bone he garnered a reputation for a hard worker, with amazing spirit and drive. Through this, he was given by his peers the nickname “Horse”, and Horse Weeks was born. In 1978 with a boat and a dream R.H. “Horse” Weeks took his boat and started what would become today one of Florida’s Best Seafood Companies. Today R.H. Week’s granddaughter along with her father, and family are working hard to bring the 6th generation of the Weeks legacy to the work ethic of their founder. With a drive to grow the company into deeper waters, they work to bring the company to a larger audience.


Working hard to develop a client list of restaurants, grocery stores, and private clients, today the Florida based seafood company and distributor look to cast a wider net.   In 2015/16 Horse Weeks Seafood will be opening its shipping routes to more places, and look to garner a larger market share. We offer Blue Crab, Stone Crab, Flounder, Black Bass, and Pink Mouth Grunts. Caught daily and shipped directly to your local businesses, seafood restaurants and markets.